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Types of Internet connection

Dial-up Internet

This is a traditional form of Internet operates through a standard telephone line!

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

DSL makes use of existing telephone lines to deliver broadband Internet straight to your home.


It utilizes copper coaxial cables to deliver High-speed Internet along with Cable TV as well!


This technology makes use of Fiber-optic cables to deliver high-speed Internet for residential homes,enabling streaming.


This technology makes use of geosynchronous satellites orbiting around the planet Earth to deliver high-speed Internet.


This Fixed wireless Internet is a technology which makes use of transmitters to send fast and reliable Internet

IP address

Most residential Internet providers issue an unique IP address

Higher bandwidth

We lead you towards the providers with higher bandwidth which can hold up to 10 devices in your family

Residential Internet

Get Home Wi-Fi

Deploy Wi-Fi equipment in your home and stay connected throughout the day!

Internet speeds

Be sure with your speed needs and we can help you in choosing the best Internet provider according to your requirements.

Business Phones

There are some packages that we offer that allow unlimited calling through the business phone. Caller ID and voicemail are some of the basic features that come embedded even with our basic plan. Other advanced features such as line hunting is also available.

Entertainment for Business

Subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket when you purchase a plan with us. Standard professional installation and connectivity for all your devices is also offered by our skilled technicians. Tailor your packages to suit private, public or strictly business viewing.

Best Internet Provider



  • Before deciding on the best Internet provider, you need to test the bandwidth that the provider can handle
  • Say, for instance, A Family of Four data users will need more data and higher bandwidth than that for a single guy
  • If you live alone, 10 Mbps of Internet speeds might be perfect for you
  • If there are more than 2 or 3 members, Internet speeds of 25 Mbps might do the business for you


  • Your current living location will have a stronger say in picking the best Internet provider for you!
  • Recent reports convey that almost 80% of Americans have access to only two Internet provider options
  • Monopolies play a humongous role in dictating the Internet choices for customers
  • We provide you with the list of major Internet providers on the basis of excellent network coverage

Home services

For our valuable home consumers, there is a range of delightful services that we have to offer. Our home service packages are also the cheapest and the most affordable of all of them. When you have internet, phone, wireless and even a TV all in one place, you just don’t have to look elsewhere

Internet services

Especially for your home, there are multiple plans that you can choose from. Get fast speeds of up to 100 Mbps and a Wi-Fi gateway to match your online activities. There are range of high-speed solutions that we can offer with our highly secure and reliable connection


Our offerings don’t just come with an internet, there are some wireless offerings that allow unlimited texting and talking. While connecting you to a 4G LTE network, you can just pick and choose your plan at any level while even taking home a smartphone


There are several TV packages available that come with DVR facilities with entertainment and sports coverage. Download the app on to your mobiles to watch even when you are on the go. At home, you get to enjoy your entertainment across 4 different rooms

DVR and Entertainment

  • You can pick from any of our advanced entertainment choices that are highly affordable with the best internet provider
  • There are several on-demand TV shows and movies that you can enjoy on our DVR and entertainment package
  • Get an advanced DVR that can record up to around 5 shows at a single time
  • Additionally, power it up wirelessly to around 8 TVs simultaneously
  • In any room, you can pause, play and rewind shows while storing up to 200 hours of high definition content
  • Entertainment packages come with the basic 155+ to the highest of 330+ channels
  • Premium channels can also be singularly added to your base package according to your choice

What is the Ideal Internet speed for you?

Light usage ordinary browsing

Streaming music

Might do good for 1 connected user

Useful for High-definition video streaming

Casual online gaming

Pitch perfect speed for 2 connected users

Very high-definition video streaming

Might do good for frequent online gaming

More than enough for 2-4 connected users

Continuous HD streaming

Competitive online gaming

Ideal for more than 4 connected users


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