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Find the Best Satellite Internet Providers for my Address

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Satellite Internet Providers in United States

Modern lifestyles are devoid of progress without the internet. Now, the internet is a regulatory requirement across the United States to facilitate connectivity and constructive usage. While metropolitan regions have several options to obtain an internet connection, rural areas are often left with little or no options. But with the advent of satellite technology, there has been significant changes where even rural areas are able to access the internet with ease.

Best Satellite Internet Providers
Best Satellite Internet Providers


Now, depending upon your address and Zip Code, there are several internet providers that you can select from:

  • Viasat provides satellite internet facilities at a minimum speed of about 25 Mbps
  • Windstream offers cable that comes at lower speeds of up to 15 Mbps
  • Finally, AT &T, America’s oldest network offers fixed wireless services with a speed of 10 Mbps minimum

Satellite Internet as an Option

  • Generally, satellite internet is a good option for those residing in suburban and rural areas
  • Here, internet fiber and cable connections are unavailable
  • While satellite internet lacks the kind of bandwidth provided by fiber net and cable, it is gradually gaining momentum through technological advancements and improved speeds

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How Satellite Internet Works?

  • Satellite internet technology uses satellite signals to send and receive data
  • Reliable internet connectivity is experienced when geostationary satellites are used for broadcast
  • The facility can be made available across the country
  • Some of the latest satellite dishes are used to send and receive data
  • Downloading, streaming and uploading – all of these activities can be accomplished with the help of the satellite internet
  • A modem, router and Wi-Fi service are all required in addition to a satellite dish

Satellite Internet Options in my Area

Two of the best options that users can choose are HughesNet and Viasat for satellite internet services

  • Viasat provides users with the fastest options for satellite internet
  • HughesNet is popular for its price consistency and speeds
  • Monthly data allowances may vary while the speed more or less remains the same with HughesNet
  • Viasat offers a variety of packages encompassing different data allowances and speeds

Satellite Internet Prices in my area


  • Offers Gen 5 plans at 10 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB and 50 GB
  • All of these plans come with speeds of up to 25 Mbps
  • Price range begins at $59.99 / mo. and ends at $149.99 / mo.
  • Data allowance also is incremental and according to price starting from 10 GB / mo. to 50 GB / mo.
  • HughesNet plans remain constant across the country
  • Prices are generally introductory and applicable for the first 12 months

Viasat – Satellite Internet Provider

  • Provides users with Unlimited Plans through Bronze 12, Silver 25, Gold 50 and Platinum 100 packages
  • The cost is $50 / mo., $70 / mo., $100 / mo. and $150 / mo., respectively
  • Speeds also increase according to pricing starting from 12 Mbps and going to the highest at 100 Mbps
  • Incremental data allowances are available starting from 40 GB / mo. and going up to 150 GB / mo.
  • Determine the Zip Code and address to know Viasat internet plans in your area
  • Price offers are only for the first 3 months

Data Caps

Against every satellite internet provider you choose, there could be data caps applicable as well and it is common knowledge that streaming and downloading can consume a lot of data, and streaming in HD could usurp even more.

Choose to stream in standard definition when possible to minimize data usage where you can schedule your downloads particularly for HughesNet.

Unlimited data packages are available across both satellite internet providers, while services are not interrupted if you go over and above your data cap, you could experience throttled or reduced internet speeds.

Finally, if you don’t want any speed restrictions, you can apply for a token from the providers.

Satellite Internet Providers by Zip Code

Viasat has come a long way from its initial days, now provides users with superior satellite internet services with no contracts. Although, there is a cost attached to no contracts – a no-contract fee (long-term) of $300 will be applicable.

If you think you are going to use the satellite internet service for at least a period of 2 years, then it is best to go with a contract and avoid the overheads. Additionally, Viasat also charges you $15 per month of the time frame left in the contract, if you cancel early.

NOTE: Return your equipment within 30 days to avoid the hassle of an extra $300

 Viasat Internet Speeds

  • Still, Viasat offers you some of the best internet speeds
  • Download speeds are at 12 Mbps when you choose the Unlimited Bronze 12, Silver 12 and Gold 12
  • The same versions are available as Bronze 25, Silver 25 and Gold 25 when the speed is up to 25 Mbps
  • Thereafter, you have the Gold Unlimited plans offering 30 Mbps, 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps
  • If you do not wish to buy them from the provider you can also lease your equipment month on month
  • The lifetime lease price stands at $299 and the lease price per month is at $9.99 / mo.

Viasat Internet Services (bundle + Viasat internet + voice)

  • Bundle your Viasat internet with Voice or DirecTV at your location
  • You can enjoy unlimited calling when you add voice through the VoIP, across the United States and Canada
  • DirecTV offers more than 200 channels with this bundle
  • Leverage your Viasat service when you combine it with TV and voice
  • A local technician can install Viasat when you live in a remote area
  • The satellite dish is installed first and then the modem is hooked up to it
  • Get all the help you need when the technician is setting up your dish, to connect with the home Wi-Fi and router

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