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Want to Know the Top Internet Providers in Louisiana

Nov 06 Internet Providers 0 Comment


Internet Providers in Louisiana

Being the 25th most populous state of the United States, the demand for Internet providers are more in Louisiana. Are you residing in this location? We have the best Internet providers. It was during the Missipain period, the culture was developed. Coastal Marsh Lands and beaches cover half of the region. Let us provide you a few updates on the popular Internet providers in Louisiana.

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Internet Coverage

DSL Internet

DSL – 85%

Cable Internet

Cable – 84%

Fiber – 9%

Satellite Internet

Satellite – 100%

Available Internet Providers in Louisiana

Frontier Internet
CenturyLink Internet
Viasat Internet

Viasat Internet

  • Satellite Internet for Rural areas and you can explore the secure and fast network connection

Unlimited Bronze 12

available at
$50 months

Speed – 12Mbps

360p video streaming

Built in Wi-Fi

Unlimited data and hence most of the subscribers opt for it

Unlimited Silver 25

available at
$70 months


Speed-25 Mbps

Streaming quality of  480p

Unlimited data and hence most of the subscribers opt for it

Unlimited Gold 30

available at
$100 months

Speed – 30 Mbps

Unlimited data

Built-in Wi-Fi is offered

Subscribe and it’s time to explore 720p video streaming


Excellent features offered play the role here and then you can reach a high speed of up to 1 Gbps. This is the reason why subscribers opt for it.

Let us have a quick review of the available plans

Internet up to 20 Mbps

available at
$49 month

Speeds up to 20 Mbps

Price for life

No contract

Internet Providers Across Louisiana

Internet Providers in Louisiana

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