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Find and Compare Internet Providers in Minnesota

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Internet Providers in Minnesota

Minnesota, the popular state of Northern regions of the united state is also known as the Land of Lakes. You will love the cultural diversity and innovations of science and modern art here

What is Minnesota Known for?

Apart from the cultural heritage, you have other popular things to explore here. Minnesota is also known as Bread and Butter states as Flour mills and butter making plants are here. Minnesota is the best place to live. Plan your trip to Minnesota to explore the Culture, music, Food Festivals and much more

Internet being the most important requisite for residents here, let us check out the availability of Internet providers in Minnesota

Internet Coverage

DSL Internet

DSL – 93 %

Cable Internet

Cable – 84%

Satellite Internet

Satellite – 74%

Available Internet Providers in Minnesota

Viasat Internet
CenturyLink Internet

Satellite Internet – Viasat

It will be best if you reside in the rural locations of Minnesota. Though activating the network is costly, packages and plans are exciting

Unlimited Bronze 12

available at
$50 months

It’s time to stream with 360 p video streaming quality

As unlimited data is offered, subscribers choose this plan

Built-in Wi-Fi

Unlimited Silver 25

available at
$70 months

It’s the streaming video quality of 480 p you can get

Browsing is unlimited for the Unlimited data

Built-in Wi-Fi

Unlimited Gold 50

available at
$100 months

Pay $ 100 to activate the package

Built-in Wi-Fi

Unlimited data

Unlimited platinum 100

available at
$150 months

HD video streaming quality of around 1080p

100 Mbps download speed

Unlimited data

Century Link

Internet up to 20 Mbps

available at
$49 month

Monthly charges – $ 49

Excellent for gaming and browsing


Price for life Internet + Home Phone

available at
$85 month

Subscription or activation charge-$ 85

Nationwide calling

The maximum speed you can  get is 20 Mbps

CenturyLink + Home Phone + DirecTV

available at
$159.99 month

Wondering what the cost is?

Pay $ 159.99

20 Mbps speed

Unlimited Nationwide calling

If you would like to subscribe any of the providers, type the zip code and location information navigating to the website

Now select the package and plan that is reliable and affordable

Internet Providers Across Minnesota

Internet Providers in Minnesota

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