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Which is the Best Internet Provider In North Dakota?

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Internet Providers in North Dakota

North Dakota is the nineteenth largest state in the US. The essential resource is soil and it adds to the economy of the state through agriculture. The Residents in the state are mostly getting internet connection types such as DSL, Fiber and Satellite. Have a look at the details about Internet providers in North Dakota here.

Are you living in North Dakota? Then to get the best of plans glance at the deals offered by various internet providers in the area and opt for the one that best suits you.

Compare the speed, pricing, connection types, and availability and come to a decision.

  • The state has access to some of the great internet providers such as CenturyLink and Viasat.
  • The plans for the internet begin from $40 per month.

Coverage by Type in North Dakota

DSL Internet

DSL – 24%

Cable Internet

Cable – 42%

Satellite Internet

Satellite – 100%

Internet speeds in North Dakota

  • 100% of the residents have speeds to the minimum of 25Mbps
  • 89% of the residents have speeds of 100Mbps and more

Available Internet Providers in North Dakota

Frontier Internet
CenturyLink Internet
Viasat Internet

Glimpse of Internet Providers in North Dakota

CenturyLink at North Dakota

If you are able to get Fiber internet then the ultra-fast internet by CenturyLink is available.

Fiber internet

available at
$65 month

Fiber internet

Speed up to 1 Gbps

Data 1000 GB

Price for life $65 per month

Deals available

Frontier Internet in North Dakota

The DSL Internet connections are offered by Frontier internet. This will provide good enough speed for your home internet connections.

Frontier Internet

available at
$34.99 month

DSL internet

Speeds up to 6 Mbps

No home phone commitment

No contract plan

Viasat Internet in North Dakota

For the secure and safe network, you can opt for Satellite internet from Viasat. The speed is good and there are many plans for you to choose from.

Unlimited Bronze 12

available at
$50 months

Speeds up to at 12 Mbps

40 GB priority data

2-years price-lock

No contract

Unlimited Gold 50

available at
$100 months

Speeds up to at 50 Mbps

100 GB priority data

2-years price-lock

No contract

Unlimited Platinum 100

available at
$150 months

Speeds up to 100 Mbps

150 GB priority data

2-years price lock

No contract

To get more information about internet providers in North Dakota you can give a call to our internet experts who are willing to guide you.

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