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Best Rural Internet Options | Compare Internet Options By Zip Code

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Rural Internet Options

Modern life requires the internet, just like gas and electricity. Federal law courts in the United States have concluded that high-speed internet is not a luxury but an essential utility. Still Internet options in rural areas are few and far, despite the above rule. Connect and get online even if you are in a rural area with more choices at your disposal.

Best Rural Internet Options Providers list

On the positive side there are  three Rural Internet Options providers to choose from

Best Rural Internet Options
Rural Internet Options
  • AT&T that offers fixed wireless internet with a minimum of 10 Mbps
  • Viasat internet satellite with a minimum speed of at least 25 Mbps
  • Windstream cable giving you a min, speed of around 15 Mbps

High Speed Internet for Rural Areas

2019 provides users with several high speed internet providers to choose from so, you can discard dial-up services and surfing on slow 56 Kbps connections for an expensive $20 per month. ISPs cover most of the connectivity provisions across the nation, but if cable or fiber still has not made it to your location, then choose from one of these many options. Thus depending upon what you are looking for, select amongst satellite, DSL, fixed wireless and mobile wireless services.

Rural Internet Options – Connection


  • Viasat offers a satellite connection type that ranges anywhere between $50 to $150 / mo.
  • In addition with an Unlimited data cap, you can stream on speeds up to 100 Mbps

Century Link

  • Century Link is a DSL line and cost between $45 and $65 / mo.
  • The service comes with a data cap of 1 TB and  lets you stream at speeds of up to 100 Mbps

Rise Broadband

  • A fixed wireless connection, Rise Broadband is priced between $24.95–$59.95 / mo.
  • Hence with a data cap of about 150–250 GB, you can stream at speeds of about 50 Mbps


  • Mobile Wireless connectivity is offered by Verizon with price ranges that start from $85 / mo.
  • Besides, it comes with a data cap of 15 to 20 GB and allows you to browse at speeds of about 4G LTE

Satellite Internet Providers – Rural Internet Options

Find some of the most trusted brands in your area when you enter your Zip Code, wherein, you can use Satellite signals for your internet browsing. Also the technology utilizes geostationary satellites for reliable internet connectivity across the United States and data is seamlessly sent and received through modern satellite dishes thereby letting you stream, download and upload like you would with any other normal internet service. A modem, router, and a home Wi-Fi service along with a Dish for reception, are imperative with this service.

Unlimited Satellite Internet

  • Some of the biggest satellite providers of 2019 are HughesNet, Viasat and DishNET
  • HughesNet provides consistent and steady streams and also present across the United States, besides Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska
  • Now Viasat  comes with good speed options and has its service  spread across the country as well
  • However, Viasat does not cater to parts of Arizona and even excludes Alaska
  • Get internet and TV bundled services with DishNET including other incentives


Data Caps and Satellite Internet

  • No matter which provider you wish to work with, data allowances are inevitable
  • Viasat offers  higher monthly data allowances depending upon the plan that you choose

Viasat Vs Hughesnet

  • Internet services can shrink when you move towards the countryside
  • Where you would like to bask in nature’s view and get a bigger living space, internet services can be hit
  • Therefore, rural areas are now able to make the most of their networking through satellite internet services
  • Two primary satellite internet options are available with Viasat and HughesNet
  • Hence over the last few years, both these providers have improved upon their existing offers to provide rural users with a better choice

General Comparison of Viasat & Hughesnet



  • Accordingly Pricing primarily depends upon where you live
  • Thus you must get the fastest plans at the most reasonable rates
  • Some of Viasat Internet plans may even cost more than what you paid for fiber net and cable
  • Generally, satellite internet is more expensive than other provisions

Besides for more information and to reach out to our agents for clarification at +1-866-218-9720.

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