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Subscribe the Best Internet Provider, if you Reside in Columbia, SC

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Internet Providers in Columbia

Columbia, the second-largest city of the United States is well known for the attractive monuments. It’s the Capital city and the estimated population here is 133,451 as of 2018.  As per the latest Census, it’s 767, 598. Here are the list of best internet providers in Columbia.

Internet Coverage

DSL Internet

DSL – 83%

Cable Internet

Cable- 100%

Satellite Internet

Satellite – 94%

Available Top Internet Providers in Columbia

Viasat Internet
CenturyLink Internet
Windstream Internet

Satellite Internet – Viasat

For rural internet subscribers, here we introduce the available Viasat Internet plans. Choose the one that suits your budget and requirements

Unlimited Bronze 12

$50 months

Stream the most exciting videos in 360p

download  the contents and the speed offered is 12 Mbps

Subscribe and you can use built-in Wi-Fi

Unlimited Silver 25

$70 months

Download speed- 25 Mbps

480p video streaming

Ensures unlimited data

Built-in WI-Fi

Unlimited Gold 30

$100 months

The speed can reach up to 30 Mbps

Experience 720p video streaming quality

HD quality

Similar to other plans offer unlimited data

CenturyLink Internet

80 Mbps plan

available at
$49 month

Download speed- 80 Mbps

Good to play HD movies

Supports online gaming

*No-contract option requires a fee of $300

Windstream internet

High-speed Internet-25 Mbps

$19.99 months

Price starts  from $ 19.99

Download speed -25 Mbps


High-speed Internet- 300- 400 Mbps

$30 months

Cost starts from $ 30

Download speed 400 Mbps


Kinetic Gig Internet

$50 months

Subscription charge- $ 50

Download speed- 1000 Mbps


Before you subscribe, check for the availability typing the Zipcode and Location data. Reach out to our techies for more guidance to find Internet Providers in Columbia, SC

Start browsing, stay connected to explore the safe and secure Internet

Internet Providers Across Columbia, SC

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