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GetViasat Bundles | Viasat+DirecTV Bundle – starting at $35/mo

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Viasat Internet Bill Credit Offer

This Viasat Internet bill credit offer is for new Internet customers. You must enroll in a 24-month service agreement to receive both the Viasat bundles along with DirecTV services. The $120/year savings is especially for the first 12-months of your service term. The Viasat monthly Internet price would increase by $10 after the first 12-months.

Viasat Bundles
Viasat Bundles

Installation Fees

You might be paying Viasat installation fee (one-time) at the time of sale. Apart from this, you might also be paying a monthly service fee, equipment lease fee, and taxes.

Now Bundle Viasat voice along with Internet! Save $10/mo for first 6-months 

Note : This offer is exclusively for new customers

What’s so special about Viasat voice?

  • Get unlimited and long-distance calling to over 50 states in the United States along with Canada
  • Enjoy super quality in calls with features like Voicemail, Call waiting, and Caller ID
  • You can transfer your current number if you wish or else get a new number from Viasat
  • Moreover, Viasat makes use of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology specialized for the satellite network
  • Most importantly the calls won’t count against your data balance. This is the first of its kind
  • You can connect multiple smartphones to Viasat voice under one common number

Customer Features Management Portal

This is an online portal from Viasat especially deployed for Viasat voice customers. This portal lets you manage your Viasat voice account round the clock.

Through this online portal, you can manage your voicemail settings, manage your call forwarding settings, and you can update your account information.

Viasat Hibernation Plan

If you’re a typical person who normally spends a long time (2-6 months) on vacation away from home, then this Viasat Hibernation Plan might be good for you! You can keep your Viasat Internet plan in an inactive condition for a maximum of 6 months.

How does this plan work?

You’re eligible for this plan once you’re already into your Viasat Internet Plans for 1 month. Make a call to the customer support team and say that you would like to switch to Viasat Hibernate plan.

How much you have to pay?

You’ll be paying a fee of $9.99/mo when you’re on this plan. This fee just replaces your monthly Viasat Internet price.

Elevate your business with Viasat High-speed Internet!

Plans starting at $50/mo

  • Get speeds up to 100 Mbps in select areas
  • Get business-class support round the clock

Viasat Business Internet

  • If you’re owning any business entity, you might prefer Viasat Internet because it’s faster than DSL Internet speeds
  • You could experience the fast installation of Viasat Internet in your business place within 3-5 days after placing the order

Note : Now you could add Voice to Viasat Business Internet at just $25/mo 

Get flexible cloud-based phone service which gives unlimited calling to US, Mexico, and Canada

Extend your Wi-Fi to your customers with Business Hotspots from Viasat starting at $40/mo

Moreover, business hotspot would be a great deal for those who would like to lend free Wi-Fi for their customers

GetViasat Bundles plans and information from our customer support team. Try ringing our toll-free number +1-866-218-9720

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